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Lawn Fertilization and Pesticide Application Services

Country Lawn Care, Inc. welcomes all of our present, past or potential clients.

Established in 1986, providing professional and quality lawn care services for homeowners and business.

We specialize in lawn fertilization and pesticide application programs, soil enhancers, turf improvement and consultation. Servicing all of greater Springfield area and surrounding towns.

Our regular customers particularly value our timely, professional and courteous service.

We take great pride in providing not only great service but also a beautiful, environmentally friendly lawn. 

Andy Deecher (owner) and Paul Versace (manager) has been working over a combined 55 years managing turf for 1000's of homeowners and businesses.  We, still to this day, enjoys working with clients to improving and maintaining the quality of their turf. 

"Personal Care Grows Results" is our motto, so our loyal customers already know that Andy or Paul  will be at every service.

                                            Why Hire a Lawn Care Service?

A nice green, healthy lawn is more than just a pleasure to look at; it can help with natural pest control efforts, increase the curb appeal and value of your home, help to keep the heat from making your home unbearable in the summer, and simply create a much more comfortable, welcoming environment for your friends and family. Choosing the right lawn care service can save you untold time and hassle. How can you be sure you are getting the best?

While it does make a great surface for family activities and barefoot backyard games, it also contributes to a healthy environment. A well cared for lawn helps conserve water, reduce the need for watering, reduce cooling costs for your home, offset CO2 production, and provide a healthy habitat for birds, bees, worms, and other beneficial creatures. At the same time, it can help you naturally control pests and reduce allergens.

Choosing the right lawn service ensures that your yard is as healthy and beautiful as possible. You will save time and have the convenience of a perfectly maintained lawn any time of year. Be selective and choose only the best; in return, you will get a yard that the neighbors will be envy of.

                                                                       Why Hire Country Lawn Care, Inc.?

We actually take pride in our lawns that we treat. That is our main source of advertising along with our customer referrals. Unlike many other companies, the employees probably don't have experience, proper knowledge and just doing it for the weekly paycheck. Country Lawn Care, Inc. provides a great deal more services throughout the program year, than other companies or 4 step programs that are provided by unlicensed landscapers. Keep in mind that all lawn pesticide applicators must have an up to date pesticide license, recertification credits and pesticide insurance, (which most landscapers don’t have). We educate and consult our customers throughout the year. We encourage our customers to follow proper cultural practices so we can minimize pesticides and reduce your overall cost of maintaining your lawn. We will only recommend additional services if they are a necessity to the health of the lawn. If optional services are warranted, then we will provide you with the options of doing yourself while we consult you. Overall you will save money, minimize unnecessary pesticides and enjoy your lawn more working with Country lawn Care, Inc.

Our Customers always value our consultation on ways to save money and time. This picture shows a distinct difference between having lawn treatment and not having any. This particular customer doesn't even water, only follows our cultural practices guidelines. ​