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Lawn Maintenance Service Program

This lawn maintenance service provides minimum of 4-schedule application per year. Every 5-8 weeks a schedule service will be performed.  No Charge for visits requiring materials from this program between our regular scheduled applications. Due to many variables, we will use judgment as to what and when materials should be applied throughout the season.

These materials are used in varying amounts throughout the year, depending on the lawn conditions, weather, customer request, etc. We try to minimize as many pesticides as possible while maintaining a quality turf (I.P.M.)http://massnrc.org/ipm/what-is-ipm.html. A service bulletin will be left behind for every customer at the time of each application(s). The bulletin will specify material used and its appropriate recommendation and any safety precautions needed. It is impractical to promise specific results due to uncontrollable circumstances.

Managing turf is essential in providing erosion control, reducing storm water runoff, which recharges ground water and restores soil quality. It also purifies dust and air pollutants, increases oxygen production and provides aesthetic and recreational benefits.

Improvements vary by soil conditions, grass types, weather and most importantly customer cultural practices. 

First scheduled treatment of 2021 - will occur inside the month of April (weather depending).

If planning a spring clean-up, PLEASE contact us by April 1st to postpone your first Crabgrass Preventative application. If we do not hear from you ahead of time, we will use our good judgment on treatment. It is especially important for you to understand, however, that once the 1st Pre-emergent crabgrass application is made only a Very light raking or a short mowing is advised.
                                      Annual Lawn Fertilization and Pesticide Program

                     Balanced Blend fertilizers(Fast & slow release)minimum of 4 treatments. Use discretion which blend of fertilizers to apply.

                     Pre-emergent crabgrass and annual weed preventatives- 2 applications from April-early June

                     Post-emergent weed & crabgrass controls- Apply all season as conditions warrant

                    Above surface turf damaging insect controls-Preventative and curative

                    Acidity soil test- Determine pH and amount of lime recommended.

This Annual Lawn Fertilization and Pesticide program includes all the necessary materials, equipment, labor, professional knowledge and liability insurance. We emphasize strongly for customers to work and communicate with us so results can be met. ​​
                                                                                  Typical Service Schedule

*Early Spring- Balanced Blend Fertilizer, Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Controls, Weed Control (as needed).

*Late Spring- Balanced Blend Fertilizer, Pre-Emergent Crabgrass Controls, Weed Control (as needed), and insect control (if needed).

*Early Summer- Balanced Blend Fertilizer, Insect Control, Weed Control (as needed).

*Mid –Late Summer – Balanced Blend Fertilizer, Insect Control, Weed Control (as needed).

*Fall- Balanced Blend Fertilizer, Insect & Weed Control (as needed).

* Grub Preventative can be applied April-Late July depending on the beetle cycle.

All Applications will be determined when on lawn and the condition of lawn and weather will determine what treatments to apply.

                                                                         Optional Services Offered 

                                                                   * Fungus, Nutsedge, Grub & Tick Controls
                                                            * Grub Preventatives
                                                            *  Dolomite Lime Applications                       
                                                            * Core Aeration and Overseeding
                                                            * Organic Treatments

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